About Us

We provide highly specialized medical and surgical retina care. Our new office is conveniently located in Greenwood, Indiana with easy access from Indianapolis and all neighboring communities. Our patients are referred to us by medical and eyecare professionals who have assessed the need for advanced care, as well as from patients with known retina conditions.

Patient focused
Compassionate and understanding
Committed to outstanding surgical and medical care 

What is a
Vitreoretinal Specialist

Source: American Society of Retinal Specialists

Medical, Surgical Provider

We are highly trained physicians and surgeons who specialize on the diagnosis, evaluation and medical or surgical treatment of diseases affecting the vitreous, macula or retina in the back of the eye.


Retina specialists are ophthalmologists who complete additional specialized training that solely focuses on the complexities or medical and surgical retina care. Training requirements include: Medical School - 4 years; Internship - 1 year; Residency - 3 years; and Surgical Vitreoretinal Fellowship - 2 years.


We work closely with our referral physicians to provide a team-based management plan that addresses all your eyecare needs.